He is a very active trader, good source to follow for tips on lesser-known coins.

And some of you think you have what it takes to be degen.

Nope. This is your competition.

And he's damn good.

So much in-fighting. The bear market is supposed to be where you cultivate friends.

Through attrition the people you dislike will most likely not make it anyway.

Keep on task. The drama will be there in any cycle.

I can always tell a noob, novice, or daytrader when someone mentions a miniscule price fluctuation on a daily chart.

Position traders eat from the remainders of your bodies.

Thanks for painting the low time frames in your blood.

I've waited over two years, patiently, but the time has come.

I've bought $XTZ

The legend of toilet is such that a mere friends whimpers brought him to his own sympathetic tears.

Then upon closure of the night he emerged sans shirt exclaiming "the toilet is here to party"

Yes, you were. #nuseweddingwaslit

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