He is a very active trader, good source to follow for tips on lesser-known coins.

3D has yet to close (Monday), but it is still not time yet to buy $XTZ for me.

This looks most probable at the moment:
ThisIsNuse photo

Never confuse me neglecting "twitter position management" as a sign of dishonesty.

I'm humble as fuck.

This just aint a calorie-counting website i'm a slave to.

Bought $BAT

Looks like early stages $ZRX, which i believe still has room to run.
ThisIsNuse photo

Paste-eating retards. How the hell do they end up learning how to use twitter?

The world may never know.

Alexa, how to make manwich meat

Is mining from the US illegal yet?

My rent and mine edge might just have to get even sharper.

#specmining #americanhashes

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