One of the most respected accounts. Comments on the entire community.

Sorry, I retweeted the wrong guy 🙈
This guy was the first I saw, through DM:

Iirc there was a ( @coindesk?) article regarding selling #bitcoin for cash & touched on money transmitting licenses, specifically in IL, published a year or so ago.

If anybody out there is bored or poor, I'll pay .5 $ETH to the 1st person who finds the article and sends it to me.

Mike Dudas' block list is longer than @theblock_'s subscriber list.

Blocks everybody who criticizes him on Twitter.
Is a journalist.
Gets upset that people don't want to talk to him.
Sicarious_ photo

You are a trader losing $25k a yr 100x'ing on Bitmex. You work 2 shifts at McDonald's, but spend half your day in the bathroom checking for liquidation emails. Each paycheck you deposit half at Bitmex, but blow the account 3 weeks in.

Can you call yourself a professional trader?

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