He is a legendary altcoin miner. very good to stay up to date. Also a big fan of Dragonchain.

Been in @CryptoBridge discussion regarding the bug discovered handling $ARRR. Looks like CB expects to reimburse all affected users and is working towards that outcome. Hope relationship can be patched up between CB and @PirateChain, and nobody's mad I'm leaking/reporting this

Here's some media FUD, a misleading poor showing by @bitcoinist for the engagement.
Exchanges don't use individual wallets per customer per cryptocurrency. They run a hot wallet and (a few) cold wallet(s)
The headline's like "Chase didn't open a physical branch for each customer"
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On the left: the hate, gloating, hindsight analysis, and I-Told-You-So-ing skeptics/banks/incumbents heaped on #bitcoin, 2014-16
On the right: the hate, gloating, hindsight analysis, and I-Told-You-So-ing #Bitcoin maximalists are heaping on #Altcoins, 2018-19
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You conveniently forgot some past data prior to January 2018 that directly contradicts your #narrative bruh
Oh wait, everytime you see a #Bitcoin influencer I-Told-You-So-ing about #altcoins you'll easily see someone defending their early $BTC bags ♥️
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Federico Tenga @FedericoTenga
Every time you see a #crypto influencer complaining about Bitcoin maximalists being toxic, just look at past data. You'll easily see who was giving a good financial advice, and who was just trying to sell you his bags

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