He is a legendary altcoin miner. very good to stay up to date. Also a big fan of Dragonchain.

If I were a normie outside of $crypto, I would find the cultist retconning of speculation into True Belief after numberwentup, absolutely repugnant.

Users might be unwilling to submit dox to orgs they don't trust. For $crypto exchanges like @nova_exchange, the way to legitimize their theft and ransoming of users' holdings is to introduce #CustodyFees to slowly reduce to 0 what they owed their former customers. Classy 🙄 notsofast photo

Oh snap, I'm seeing @trolltip tweets for the first time in a long while! 🤩🤩🤩 Thought Twitter hated the legit bots and hid them!
Time to reload my $TROLL

If #Bitcoin's product-market fit is to be a virtual golden idol for Libertarian tribesmen to fuel vision quests of My Citadel Is Bigger Than Yours fantasies... I'll wish I stuck with $DOGE all along

I'm perplexed at some of these choices for delisting from @CryptoBridge. Well over 100 coins/tokens getting the axe. notsofast photo

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