He is a legendary altcoin miner. very good to stay up to date. Also a big fan of Dragonchain.

If you're a Too-Clever-By-Half $Crypto Coyote, sending your passport-with-a-selfie to even one centralized exchange may prove to be where you lost the metagame.

Hey @BittrexGlobal @BittrexExchange could you please clarify what this form is for your @BittrexIntl users who may need to use it ASAP to opt out of something they wouldn't want to agree to?
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notsofast @notsofast
One last addition at the end of the document for Bittrex Global: a wacky contractual opt-out withdrawal form. Is this just mandatory for Liechtenstein, or is this being sneaked through? "We gave you the form, not our fault you didn't fill it out in 14 days."

Comparing @BittrexIntl's Oct 28 2018 Terms of Service with the @BittrexGlobal Oct 29 2019 ToS replacing it. Looking for worsened deals, yielded rights, and general funny business. Lawyers plz check my notes 😅
Intl ToS:
Global ToS:

Will take a look at these terms to see if they contain any dealbreakers.

A mere 3 years ago I bet most of these VCs had no idea what a blockchain was.
Strangely enough I believe I'm backing plenty of future winners in this emergent sector. But I guess I'm just a lucky idiot hobbyist larper, right?

Is today the day all Cryptonote coins and blockchains become fully dexable?!?!?

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