A friendly guy!

Today I'm thinking about my Poppa who served as a sergeant in WWII. Moved to Canada after the war for a better life for my Nanna and Grandma. Lived 91 great years, married for 73 years and gave me every opportunity to live my dreams. #RIPPoppa #RIPNanna #RemembranceDay

You can't spell crypto without dum.
needacoin photo
CoinHQ @CoinHQ_
Do you think Dum should just take over the account now?

We can make it happen.


Just finished escape room. Got out with 14minutes left. Boss level.

In light of my recent epic nap I will be asking a super cereal question. How you do sleep?

Went for a 4hour nap today after swimming laps, felt great. Escape room tonight! #FridayVibes

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