Legend in the crypto world

lots of the majors on bitmex had spikes downwards when btc brokedown, alot are now getting bought back up

if we can break those recently set highs then big rallies ahead for the majors on mex (again) https://t.co/F16iKXdi5n
loomdart photo

Real smart move from tether tbh, pretty chad https://t.co/V57ywaei6U
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Dovey Wan πŸ— πŸ¦– @DoveyWan

According to @zhaodong1982 Tether gonna issue CNHT, a $CNH peg stable coin ...


Chinese regulator can be easily pissed by this hope it won’t burn Tether ... https://t.co/gAWEYOPMVU

1)john wick 1
2)john wick 2
3)matrix 1
4)john wick 3
5)matrix 2
6)matrix 3

don't @ me

I follow 2000 twitter accounts and its still not enough

reccomend me some low follower count people pls

bonus points if they're good

Oh wow, the ethereum and bitcoin guys are arguing again!

*sticks entire hand into mouth and joins in*

I trade like a complete pleb, I can literally only trade diagonal and straight lines so please don't send me pictures of ur fancy clouds and ask me what you think

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